Euphoria Vn * The council take over

The toilet bar - 41 Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi

November 24, 2018 7:00 pm - November 25, 2018 6:00 am The toilet bar - 41 Hai Ba Trung - Ha Noi

The show will go on. It always does.

Quest Festival may be cancelled but the rave always lives on. It’s unfortunate that the hard work of the Quest Festival team have been served an early end by the authorities but the guys at Euphoria VN have partnered with us to make this a reality.

The Council Takeover is a series of events that will shine the light on the growing crop of DJs and producers who call Singapore home. As a collective that is based in South East Asia, we’re surrounded and inspired by the clash of cultures while we keep our roots deeply seated in tradition. Shaped to the sounds of acid house cuts, thick, thumping techno and disco to dance for, The Council Takeover is set to bring the best of Singapore’s dance floor to yours, whether it’s in Asia or beyond.

Joining us for this special edition, we have – Khoi Mai from Haustek agency and our friends from Bangkok – Mendy Indigo & Tim Roemer – who will takeover the T Studio on the same night.